User-Centric Security in Online Banking

This paper is a formal literature review produced for one of my courses at Northeastern.  The review discusses some recent surveys and studies concerning online banking authentication, and human interaction with those systems.  Enjoy the PDF!


Cryptography and Law in the 21st Century (Paper)

This is a paper I wrote for a final project as part of my CS/Cyber program.  It discusses the modern pros and cons of encryption and how they affect the interests of individuals, companies and law enforcement.  Enjoy!  Cryptography in the 21st Century

Handy PyPI/GitHub README Hack

Since I have been uploading files to GitHub and PyPI (the Python Package Index) lately, I have been trying to unite their README files into one single format. In my case, I want to use reStructuredText (README.rst), since I know both sites accept this, and since that’s the preferred language for PyPI.

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First Major GitHub Project!

I love computer games. I especially love hard computer games, like Nethack and Dwarf Fortress, but also newer, more survival-y type games like DayZ (the Arma mod/standalone).

As a result, I’ve decided to start writing an ASCII-based survival-y game in Python and Curses.

You can find the project here:

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